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Each person seeks to protect his property and protect himself at the same time.

GTA-Security Systems will offer you a tailor-made service with our state-of-the-art products based on the regulations and on your needs. You have the choice between several protection systems:


Camera surveillance

The surveillance camera has become commonplace in our daily environment. Its democratization allows its use in a residential environment. It’s a powerful deterrent that will scare away potential intruders; each image can be analyzed individually. Control and monitoring are done in situ or remotely, when and where you want.

Access controls

Control is done via badge readers, keyboards and fingerprint readers. Access to authorized persons is flexible and allows the traceability of all movements within your company or entries into your home.

Intrusion detections

Detect any burglary attempt to protect your properties and your animals. any burglary activates the operation of site installed sirens, send alert to a central reporting chamber and / or alternative on your mobile phone or a line.

Fire detection

Every second can make a difference. In a professional environment, a fire can cause much greater damage than a burglary. In a domestic environment, it is a matter of saving the lives of people who can quickly lose all reaction capacity through toxic smoke.

Our quality makes our reputation

Our specialized certified technician will advise you to best protect your building against the regulations and your wishes. We take care of the installation and maintenance with an excellent after-sales service. Your safety is our priority!