A complete range of products and services

GTA-Security Systems carries out a complete study of your building to advise you on the products and services that will provide security for the building and its occupants. We offer the following security systems:

Surveillance Camera

The video surveillance system will allow you to have a clear visibility of your property, inside and/or outside, whether you are home, at the office or abroad, as well as in live stream.

Camera functions

  • Application available on your smartphone, tablet and computer
  • Connected H24
  • In live stream
Cameras Dhua

Options on a camera

  • Intrusion detection
  • Line crossing detection
  • Left object/Deletion
  • Zone Entry/Exit
  • Scene change detection
  • Audio overvoltage detection
  • Facial detection
  • Object counting

Based on the video the camera contains a built-in intelligent analysis method, based on video. It can perform intelligent functions such as motion detection and intrusion, to provide fast and accurate response to monitoring events in a specific area. Furthermore, it can also improve the effectiveness of surveillance. All this data will be recorded on a hard disk that you can watch remotely.Your camera system will be connected 24/7 to your internet network, which can be acquired from the application of the brand of your system. This system does not require any additional subscription. Would you like to replace your analog cameras wired in coax while enjoying the quality of the IP camera? Opt for HDCVI / TurboHD cameras.

Intrusion Detections

The alarm system will indicate the presence of an intruder. This will never prevent a person from wanting to enter your building; but, he must be discouraged to enter through the good design of the system. In any case, the intruder will not risk staying in the building or house, thanks to the proper functioning of your alarm system.

Gestion alarmes sur smartphone

Options on an alarm system

  • Arm/Disarm your home from your phone in a split second
  • Motion detectors
  • Fire detectors: heat or smoke
  • Gas detectors
  • Magnetic contact
  • Indoor and/or outdoor siren
  • Outdoor detectors

Wireless options

  • Magnetic contact or wireless detectors
  • Wireless camera connected to the alarm system
  • Wireless fire detector
  • Wireless keyboard

The hybrid panel supports 3G communication and IP communication, with back-up options for cloud connectivity. With great flexibility, the system integrates a full range of communication options, with IP, GSM / GPR, PSTN and long-range radio, all installed in the main housing. It also offers a wide range of accessories including wired, bidirectional wireless and Bus detectors. Don’t worry if you have pets, we can secure your home! Whether your cables are pulled or not, this will not prevent us from obtaining optimal security for your property. Our technician, used to pulling cables, could offer you wireless products if necessary.

Alarmes périmétriques

Perimeter detections

Perimeter detection makes it possible to control the surroundings of your property and constitutes an effective protection against vandalism. The latest advances make it possible to avoid false alarms (wind in the bushes, pets, etc.). The detectors emit two rays which vertically detect intruders. Animals and rapid temperature changes cannot be present in both spokes simultaneously and will therefore not trigger an alarm. Some detectors have a camera so you can see what triggered the alarm.


Here is what the “intelligent videophone”, in other words “Intercom”, allows you: –          See who’s at your front door-          Pick up with your smartphone (whether at home or not)-          Communicate with the person at your door and open the door-          Support night vision via camera In addition, this system provides traceability of the people who rang the doorbell. The internet connects this revolutionary intercom system to your smartphone via the Cloud 24/7.

Controle d'accès


  • Fingerprint
  • Facial recognition
  • Badges
  • Code
  • Remote control

Access control

Access control is an identification to one or more doors using the keyboard, badge or remote control. This will make it easier for you to enter your building / property. In case of identification by “code”, it is secure because the keyboard is very robust (no wear on the keys). The case resists rain and sun. The motherboard is well protected inside your home. –          Input and output control-          Management software to manage access to the building-          Illuminated figures-          Resistant to all types of weather

Fire detection

We offer a full range of fire detection systems. Our fire detector solutions can also be adapted to your existing alarm system. The detection system can contain optical, thermal and push button detectors. Its purpose is to save lives, preserve work places and protect the environment. The first few minutes are essential. There are two fire detection systems. –          First, there is the conventional system, that is, it works in loops / by geographic area.-          Secondly, there is the addressable system, which means that it works piece by piece and makes it possible to detect the exact location of the fire.

There is more...

General electricity

We offer different general electrical services, such as:

  • Create electrical connections to your home
  • Do construction
  • Do renovations
  • Place indoor or outdoor lighting (spots on the parking lot or garden)
  • Make repairs
  • Do small electrical work
  • Ventilation
  • AIRCO installation

HIFI audio

In HIFI audio you can equip your house, your building, a room, a bedroom, your garden, etc, … with built-in-speakers or not built-in. A house under construction, it is obviously easier to embed the speakers.

This offers you to:

  • Create your own movie room
  • Have music throughout the whole house/garden

For all these specificities, do not hesitate to contact us. We will come with a specialized technician of the brand who will carry out a sound study.